Your Safety is our Concern


Temperature and health checks

As per regulatory requirement, temperatures of staff, guides and clients are taken at appropriate times

• For clients, this is before they get on the tour vehicle
• For staff and guides, this is at the start of the day before they come into contact with clients
Staff, guides and clients with a temperature of 37.3°C or more will be asked to immediately leave the premises or will not be permitted to join the tour.
They will be advised to self-isolate or seek medical attention.


Guides and clients are required to wear appropriate masks for the duration of the tour.
No mask/no travel rule is strictly applied.
Alcohol-rub sanitiser
Regulatory-approved sanitiser is provided on all tour and safari vehicles and must be applied throughout the tour by guides and clients. Hand-rub sanitiser dispensers are available in prominent places in our offices and where our guides and clients convene before and after tours.


Any staff member who has symptoms associated with the Covid-19 virus will be required to stay at home and self-isolate.
This includes a cough, runny nose or flu-like fever symptoms. Any client with the same symptoms will not be allowed to join a tour and will be advised to self-isolate.